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박대환 (Park Dae Hwan)

Department of Plastic Surgery, Daegu Catholic University

Lower blepharoplasty with SOOF elevation and septal resetting
Modified elliptical method of Medial canthoplasty


황동하 (Hwang Dong Ha)

V Plastic Surgery Clinic

Incisional ptosis correction with levator advancement

첸 장

첸 장 (Chen Zhang)

Dalian University Affiliated Zinhua Hospital

Status of the facelift in China

린 사이밍

린 사이밍 (Lin Tsai-Ming)

Charming Institute of Aesthetic & Regenerative surgery

How I Blend the Tear Trough and Lid/Cheek junction?
The Strategy for Treating Asian Sunken Upper eyelids

히로유키 오지미

히로유키 오지미 (Hiroyuki Ohjimi)

Fukuoka University Hospital

Senile ptosis correction


김성호 (Kim Sung Ho)

Oblige Plasitc Surgery

Modified deep plane facelift
Midface lift through temporal and lower eyelid incision


오창현 (Oh Chang Hyun)

BS The Body Plastic Surgery

Facelift with Elasticum


박영진 (K Samsung Plastic Surgery)

Leejung Jayeonmi Cosmetic Surgery

Periocular rejuvenation using multiple and different threads accompanied by surgical procedures


차지훈 (Cha Ji Hoon)

GIO Plastic Surgery

Clinical applications of non-incisional blepharoptosis correction (transconjunctival approach)


도언록 (Do Eon Rok)

BK Aesthetic Plastic Surgical Clinic

Pretarsal augmentation with dermofat graft
Aesthetic expansion of lateral canthal area


김태모 (Kim Tae Mo)

Gallery Plastic Surgery

Lateral canthal lengthening & lowering with canthotomy


정재민 (Jung Jae Min)

V Plastic Surgery

Endoscopic brow lift for upper lid rejuvenation


황정욱 (Hwang Jung Wook)

Mojelim Hair Surgery

Eyebrow and Eyelashes transplantation


김찬우 (Kim Chan Woo)

EFIL Plastic Surgery

Simultaneous Quick Face lift during facial contouring surgery


우지원 (Woo Ji Won)

Pureun hospital

Augmentation blepharoplasty, Moderator